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Plant construction

Container construction


The tank construction at DHM is made with craftsmanship and the latest technology, from stainless steel tanks to custom-made products. It doesn't matter whether it's prefabrication, assembly or the creation of complete solutions: We manufacture steel or stainless steel containers or custom-made products - according to your individual requirements. Repair and restoration are also part of our range of services.

Apparatus engineering

Screw conveyors, elevators and screening machines


Plant construction is a large part of DHM production. With us you get a detailed and individual complete solution from a single source! Our range of services includes the complete construction of your individual system.
In addition, we plan, calculate, design and manufacture screw conveyors, elevators and screening machines for a wide variety of media.

Filter construction

Small to large plants


The areas of application for the filters built by DHM are diverse. They cover very different areas, such as B. the paper industry or the municipal waterworks. Therefore, the requirements for the required filter systems in the individual fields of application vary greatly and DHM manufactures from very small filters to large systems. Well-trained personnel are also available for maintenance and any repairs.

Pipeline construction

For cables in steel or machine construction


Starting with planning, through production, to assembly and maintenance. DHM covers the entire industrial pipeline construction in all nominal widths and for a variety of media and uses the most modern production methods. Whether stainless steel, steel for lines in the food or chemical industry or other types of steel for transport lines or for lines in steel or mechanical engineering.
We manufacture for you:

  • Stainless steel lines DN15 to DN1000 for various media, water, chemicals
  • Steam lines DN 60 to DN1000 for heat supply, process heat or other piping.

Steel construction

Bridge building


Building bridges is one thing, planning them technically down to the last detail is the art. We at DHM have the experience and also offer you the appropriate specialist planning. From small private bridges to the first stainless steel bridge in Europe that trucks can drive on, we have already implemented everything.

Roof structures

Roof racks for industry and private, as well as trusses.


Having a safe roof over your head is a matter of course for most people today, but for us the interesting task is to create this roof. We have already manufactured, delivered and installed simple roof girders for private houses, 18 meter long girders made of HEA 1000 and lattice girders over 16 meters long and 3 meters high.

Made of steel or stainless steel.

Aus Stahl oder Edelstahl.


Steel stair towers are the easiest way to connect different floors and are a space and cost saving alternative to traditional concrete stairs.
At DHM, stair towers can be designed and assembled in a straight or spindle shape, and this is also possible up to a great height. DHM uses steel or stainless steel or a combination of both materials to manufacture the stair constructions.

Industrial platforms

Individually planned, calculated and manufactured.


Stages are individually planned, calculated and manufactured at DHM according to your wishes and local conditions. The platforms always comply with the currently valid European standards and regulations and can carry surface loads of 250 kg/m² up to 2,000 kg/m². For a customer in Sweden we have already created a stage with English statics and English construction plans, the individual parts of which were no larger than two meters so that these individual parts could be brought into the building using an elevator.




When it comes to construction for our private customers, we look forward to converting the wishes and plans into tailor-made solutions and guarantee punctual, error-free execution at the best price-performance ratio.


Construction projects for countries, cities and communities.


In the public sector, the DHM team has already implemented many construction projects for the state, cities and communities, whether e.g. B. on the top of the Aachen Cathedral, the Hercules project for the German Armed Forces, the stadium of Bayer Leverkusen or a swimming pool in Übach Pahlenberg.


Implementation with expertise and experience.


You can do almost anything with steel. DHM uses the potential of this flexible material to implement your project with expertise and experience. At DHM, you benefit from locksmiths and metalworkers who combine exactly these qualities. This is how your project is created, which is not only functional, but also leaves a lasting impression aesthetically.


Individually and according to your wishes.


At DHM, we believe that personal, individual and expert advice is the most important prerequisite for the realization of your property. We will show you and your architects possibilities and ideas to realize your project individually and according to your wishes during a discussion, in our workshop or at your site.

3 dimensional CAD planning

Including statics and documentation, also in English.


We at DHM plan and implement your projects on the basis of modern 3D CAD computer technology, if you wish including the associated statics and the complete documentation, if necessary also in English.

Plasma cutting

Best quality in the shortest possible time.


On our modern CNC flame cutting machine, we can quickly and cost-effectively manufacture your custom-made flame cuts or drawings. Regardless of whether it is an external geometry or a breakthrough, we also deliver the best quality in the shortest possible time when it comes to firing.

Orbital welding

Wage workers around the orbital welding.


If you are looking for wage workers around orbital welding, you have come to the right place at DHM. Because with us you will not only find the latest technology, but also experienced and passionate orbital welders. Our staff is certified and processes your order reliably and quickly. Talk to us and we will be happy to advise you on the effort involved, as well as on the implementation and conception of the order.

CNC drilling saw system

Kaltenbach CNC drilling saw system


As an innovative company, we use the KBS 750 DG miter band saw for light and medium-sized steel construction. We offer our customers a high-performance steel band saw with outstanding cutting performance.
With the powerful KALTENBACH system, you get the best possible precision for your product. Fast, precise and convenient sawing of steel profiles - as individual beams, in layers or in bundles.

With the integrated 3-axis boring machine KDM 615, profiles can be sawn, drilled and milled quickly and precisely in one operation. Programming is done on the operator console or directly from the CAD software. This minimizes cutting and drilling errors and achieves a higher quality standard in production.


Reliability, adherence to schedules and trust are the be-all and end-all.


You never stop learning – especially when it comes to assembly. New methods, innovative devices, changes in the law, certifications, everything is constantly changing. We don't follow every trend, but we weigh up what makes sense for us and, above all, for our clients. We are constantly educating ourselves in order to stay up to date and to be able to react to developments and the wishes of our customers. Reliability, adherence to schedules, but also mutual trust with orders weighing tons are the be-all and end-all for satisfactory project work. We must and want to remain innovative in order to carry out your projects as a trustworthy partner.

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